Bully pulpit


I am not writing this on anyone’s behalf or request. I am not a mouthpiece for anyone but myself as a voter. I am so angered by the airing of Republican dirty laundry about the Pike/Bickerton campaign by some members of the party and its leadership.

Don’t you see what this is doing and saying to the voter. As personal insults are hurled like Democrats, the Democrats are probably sitting back and laughing their heads off.

It is one thing to question someone’s political views, it’s another to attack them personally for the shoes they wear like a school bully, as John Morrow, member of the Republican Executive Committee, has done.

If you want to talk about hypocrisy when attacking the Mercedes Benz Judge Pike drives, what about the hypocrisy of the luxury Rolls Royce that was used at the past two Lincoln Day dinners to transport guest speakers.

As I read the continued personal attacks I wonder why Megan Bickerton thinks this is an acceptable behavior to win a judgeship. Why is she not stepping up and saying this needs to stop and I can win on my own merits or does she need bullies insulting her opponent and the voter’s intelligence? Why is she not speaking up against her opponent Judge Pike’s merits while others that appear to have an ax to grind do? Why should voters trust her judgment as being fair and unbiased with all this childishness going on, on her behalf?

As a registered Democrat I picked up the Republican banner when lied to by Obama and when Donald Trump made me aware of the real truth.

Imagine how bewildered I feel right now as I witness Republicans attack their members. Is there a place for me? I thought Republicans let voters choose and Democrats pushed candidates down voter’s throats.

Two candidates of the same party should not have their leadership interjecting and throwing the first stone so they get the outcome they want. Let the voters make the choice. Stop controlling the ballot box. Stop throwing mud at your own party.

Megan, how do you put on the robe if you win and rule on cases knowing we know you won under these circumstances?

If Judge Pike wins, how do the Republicans repair all this damage? Or do us as the public continue to read in the paper Republicans getting their revenge during Judge Pike’s term.

This is all so wrong and disappointing to me. I wanted to change my registration to Republican. Now, convince me why I should.

Elected Republicans of Columbiana County, be our leaders not our bullies. You will be running for re-election again and voters will remember all this. Voters of this county are smarter than you think.

Sherry Kissinger