Why Columbiana has zoning laws


A recent letter to the editor in the Morning Journal states that a group of citizens in Columbiana is initiating an effort to change the city’s zoning ordinance because it “prohibits one’s personal freedoms and liberties without due process.”

They are right to conclude that zoning does regulate what a person can do on their property. Not just in Columbiana, but all over the country, governments use zoning ordinances to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and ensure orderly, manageable and predictive growth.

When Columbiana voters established a charter form of government in 1971, the village developed zoning regulations to manage its future development. The result of this zoning, 40 years later, is a vibrant and growing community where many people freely choose to call home or to start a business.

So if you don’t want to live in a neighborhood with junk cars, high grass and dilapidated buildings, be very wary of making changes to the laws that made Columbiana the great city it is today.

Vylee C. Garstick