Honor the vets


I just wanted to take a few minutes to remind your readers of the upcoming holiday, Veterans Day, Nov. 11. I hope we all take a moment, in whatever way we choose, to remember the men and women who have served our country, both home and abroad, to protect our nation and our freedom.

With recent events in the NFL, we have all probably heard more than we choose to about what the protesters feel they are doing. Let there be no doubt about our actions in remembering the veterans. Put your flag out if you have already taken it in for the winter. If you are standing behind or in front of a veteran at McDonald’s, pay for their meal. Teachers always have great ideas for their students, but any group could make thank-you cards and deliver them to the local VFW. Just be sure to thank them with a thank you, and a handshake or hug.

The last Veterans Day program I took my dad to was at Joshua Dixon School in Columbiana in 2015. He enjoyed the program very much, which included two of his great-grandchildren. I will always remember what he said as we left, “It is wonderful that so many remember and honor our veterans, but it is sad that we just keep making more every year.”

Glen Windram