Columbiana concerns


Please know that some in the city of Columbiana now believe it acceptable to take your property rights away should someone not agree with the way you choose to live your life. There is no other explanation for the way that some now believe the section of our code (1260.05) is being used. We as free citizens still have the power to change this, but it can’t be done without help, our city has already been informed that we have begun this process.

If you wish to help, please call 330-565-9044 and or go to the following Facebook link: This is a link to the group Concerned of Columbiana Coalition.

Our city was informed that there has been a committee assembled to enact article XI of our charter, I will not go into enormous detail on here as to what this action means, the condensed version of all this is the following.

At a point during the discussion where a citizen sought to own domesticated deer, a member of city government made a decision to use section 1260.05 of our zoning in a way that has brought its legitimacy and usefulness into question. It is the opinion of this committee that there is no place for an ordinance which prohibits one’s personal freedoms and liberties without due process. While this ordinance has existed for a long time, its use was limited to building code as initially intended.

Anytime civil liberties are infringed upon, it is our duty to stand against it. Article XI was written into the city charter to enable concerned citizens to question the way that the city is being run.

If you also believe that liberty and personal freedoms are at the very heart of our republic, then we ask that you support this measure. With the proper forms submitted, this will then go to city council. They will debate our proposed change and then vote accordingly. We will keep you updated with when they will be discussing this.

Please take the time to come to council to tell them how you feel on the matter.

Tony Dolan