Just be Columbiana


Columbiana has and always will be a community that is willing to embrace what we are. We are not a community that needs perfection and intrusion by those who want and will attempt to paint our future in a manner that they believe is progress. We are a community of farmers, accountants, engineers, carpenters, doctors, mechanics, chefs, etc. We can and should embrace all. What am I implying?

We are a community that can support HOAs, we are a community that can support the arts, we are a community that can support the blue-collar roots that are part of us all. We are full of people that have always let others live and let live. Let’s put an end to the pettiness and move forward as a city.

We are Columbiana, let’s not re-create the cyclical “progress” that other communities have seen come and go. We don’t need to be Poland, or Boardman, or any other fabrication of what has worked before.

Let’s be Columbiana. Let’s all come together and take advantage of our diverse background and use it for a future that tells a community’s story, this community, this community that is perhaps a fence that may need painted because the father and mother are working so much their attention is for their children, let’s be the yard that may have grass a little too high? (because like the song says, “cutting grass just had to wait”), lets also be the community that has the areas that are governed by HOAs for those few that choose this.

Let us find and flourish in our own collective vision of our future.

Tony Dolan