Cemetery support


As mayor of Lisbon, I would like to draw your attention to the Lisbon Village Cemetery renewal levy on the ballot in the upcoming election.

In my mind, the cemetery is on of the village treasures of which we should be very proud. The cemetery is beautifully maintained and operated very effectively and efficiently. This renewal levy generates the majority of the funds of the day to day operations of the cemetery.

The other sources of revenue are: sale of burial sites, opening/closing costs and other services related to burials. The number of burials varies from year to year. In themselves, these services do not begin to cover the operational costs of the cemetery.

The cemetery levy is a 3-mill renewal levy and will not result in any new taxes. It is essential to the operation of the cemetery.

As mayor, I know the citizens of Lisbon will join me in voting yes on Nov. 7 for the 3-mill cemetery renewal levy.

Joseph S. Morenz, mayor

Village of Lisbon