Beasts of prey


The Harvey Weinsteins of this world are a creation of our culture. Mothers spend thousands on their daughters painting them up like little hookers and taking them to beauty and talent pageants all over the country. Professions such as teaching, homemaking and farming are disparaged and dismissed as non-fulfilling.

It’s all about wealth and fame. Few have ever seen the inside of a church or attended Sunday School.

With high hopes, the adolescent girls flock to California only to be exploited and after going through the grist mill are thrown to the streets only to become prostitutes and drug addicts and eventually send for a bus ticket to get back home.

Their plight reminds me of the “Walrus and the Carpenter,” where the walrus invited the oysters to a picnic on the beach and the plump little mollusks came running and out of breath to the picnic area only to realize too late that they were the lunch.

Several years ago movie director Roman Polanski plied a 13-year-old girl with alcohol and drugs and raped her. He fled to Europe, where he has continued making movies and receiving awards. He is still a member of the Academy Awards Committee in Hollywood. Recently, he was given a lifetime achievement Oscar and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. He accepted the award in absentia via live TV in France because prosecution and jail awaits him if he returns to America.

Hamlet said, “Let a beast be lord of beasts and his crib will stand at the king’s mess.” And so it is with Hollywood.

Lloyd Berresford