The Senate and the House are in a gridlock over the Affordable Care Act and tax reform. These legislators are all playing gotcha games at trying to make the opposite party look bad.

Feathering their own nests appears to be the order of the day. The pay of Senate members is $175,000 a year. Yet the average net worth of these senators is $1 million. It would take 50 years at $175,000 a year to accumulate $1 million.

The short cut to wealth is through the wallets of the American taxpayers. Political influence is being sold for money and perks.

Bernie Sanders, a native of Brooklyn and a senator from Vermont, who believes in wealth distribution, owns three homes and is worth $20 million. In a recent run-off race in Georgia, for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, over $50 million was spent on the campaign.

The most egregious theft of the U.S. Treasury took place when Barack Obama, at the urging of one of his closest advisers, hired a Canadian computer expert to roll out the Affordable Care Act. This man had previously failed in his attempt to reform the Canadian health care system but not before fleecing our northern neighbors out of $30 million.

The deciding factor in Obama choosing this crook was that he was related to one of Obama’s close advisers from Chicago and that he has a reputation for rewarding his benefactors with kickbacks. That man took over $700 million from our government and was finally sacked when he asked for $200 million more.

Two computer experts from the Silicon Valley said that they could have rolled out the entire Affordable Care Act for less than $75,000.

Will these crooks be prosecuted for their theft?

“The law jails the thief who steals the goose from the common, but lets go the greater felon who steals the common from the goose.”

Lloyd Berresford