Time lapses


Do we want Lisbon to be a one of a kind jewel, or deny its potential and become a Generica USA? Why do property values rise in historical districts where there is enforced historical protection? Have you ever vacationed and found fast food in historical buildings?

Restoration of the historic PL&W train station is why we see bicyclists, their cars parked there with plates from the tri-state area. The same with the Courthouse Inn: cars with plates from outside the county.

Lisbon missed the boat with the Pine Tree Inn and Discount Drug Mart, as well as Dunkin Donuts. Both companies work with historical zoning, but only if first notified, because sales increase for such businesses when they work with history.

Dunkin Donuts does drive-arounds with the second floor being office and storage for the downstairs restaurant. But before plans are drawn, they need to be informed the building is historical.

By the time the CEO of Discount Drug Mart became aware of the history of the Pine Tree Inn, it was too late. The CEO acknowledged one of their most successful DDMs was when they incorporated it with a historical restaurant. By then it was too late because a contractor had begun to tear it down.

How many more missed opportunities is Lisbon willing to allow by refusing to be proud and work with their history?

Stevie Halverstadt