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From the post office to the courthouse to the veterinary clinic, people are wanting to know why the beautiful brick house surrounded by old shade trees is being torn down for a Dunkin Donuts, when there are other sites more suitable to build on.

Or: Drive down state Route 45 into Lisbon. At the corner of Saltwell Road, on the same side as Mills Insurance, sits the exquisite house. But it is in Center Township, which has no zoning. Were Center Township zoned, this beautiful historic structure would not go the way of the wrecking ball.

I am not against Dunkin Donuts. I am against losing another historic house when other land exists or them to build on.

Or: retrofit the existing structure, as Mills Insurance has.

In communities that care about making financial success, such homes are protected and companies such as Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have agreed to retrofit their businesses, keeping the trees and look and feel of the said towns.

I could see a drive-through window on the right side, parking in the rear and a pick-up window on the left with offices and storage upstairs. What a complement to our community that would be.

People in Center Township who are against zoning fail to see it is about protection and increased property values, beauty. When will people see that community pride mirrors self interest? When all is lost and has no value?

Stevie Halverstadt