Watch your mph


This letter is to warn drivers who use the road to Washingtonville from Leetonia that it is being radar speed-checked now on a regular basis by the Washingtonville Police Department. The WPD park its car at the end of the School Street and South County Road intersection and monitors the traffic coming from Leetonia.

The radar can monitor the cars entering the village limits three-tenths of a mile away. The speed limit in this area is 25 mph. At this point the street is a down grade and very difficult to keep your car moving that slow without braking, so the WPD keeps busy stopping the motorists after they enter the village.

In most cases the WPD will just issue a verbal warning, but is is still a judgment call on their part. I find that it is difficult to drive 25 mph down that grade myself and I was also stopped by the WPD.

Washingtonville has been known for being a speed trap town, area wide, for many years so this is nothing new, just a new location for WPD to generate village revenue. So be warned and try not to get caught in the latest radar enforcement location.

Dleroy Morrow