Summer reading


It is summertime in northeast Ohio (sort of), a time for squeezing in some personal rest and relaxation which can often involve curling up with that good book you’ve been meaning to get to but which has served only to protect a non-dusty spot on your bookshelf or bedside table.

Tomes like War and Peace, Atlas Shrugged, or Gone With The Wind are noble efforts worthy of your investment but who has the time in today’s short attention span world dominated by Twitter, sound bites and the whiplash editing of TV commercials?

What we need are a few books that can be read poolside, in the park or on your porch in the time it takes to finish off something smaller than a “big gulp” sized glass of ice tea. With this concept of very short and to the point literature concepts in mind, let me offer the following suggested titles:

* On The Predictability Of Weather In Ohio by NOAA.

* Excellence in Manned Space Exploration by NASA.

* Managing Data Integrity by Lois Lerner.

* What the NSA Doesn’t Know About You by James Clapper.

* Embassy Security: Protecting Our Diplomats by Hillary Clinton.

* I’m Nobody’s Fool by Susan Rice.

* Why I Deserve To Keep The Noble Peace Prize by Barack Obama.

* The Fruits Of The “Arab Spring” by Barack Obama.

* Consequences Of Crossing A Red Line by Barack Obama.

* Achieving Peace In The Middle East by John Kerry.

* Achieving Piece Anywhere by John Kerry.

* Transparency In The White House by Valerie Jarrett.

* Fostering Constructive Dialogue Towards Achieving Action by Harry Reid.

* Administering Justice With Integrity by Eric Holder.

* Why the Democratic Party Will Win Back The House In 2014 by Nancy Pelosi.

* Why Vladimir Putin Respects Me by Barack Obama.

* Why I’m Relevant by Michelle Obama.

* Making A Better Health Care System by Anonymous.

* Protecting Our Borders by Barack Obama.

Obviously, between vacations and golfing, our president finds time to inspire many books so if the above list is too much for you then consider just these two extremely short works:

* What I Don’t Like About Myself by Barack Obama and its companion piece, What I Like About The United States and The Constitution.

Bryan Fuller