Let logic prevail


Logic, according to the dictionary, is the science of reason. Then we have emotion, a strong mental instinctive, a feeling of love or fear. Then there is the term emotive, which means arousing or able to arouse intense feelings rather than being neutrally or objectively descriptive. Thus the differentiation of logic and emotion as defined from the Oxford Dictionary.

Where am I going with this? I believe if problems are to be solved we have to look to logic. To be logical one needs to base all arguments and decision on undisputed facts. When facts are ignored emotion takes over. the discussion is over and no one wins. When in a debate the logical party need only stick to the facts. Where the people who are dealing with their emotions have no recourse but to deny, distort or ignore the facts.

No issue of substance can be resolved when either party refuses to be reasonable. A very serious situation is now taking place on our southern border. Thousands of people, mostly children, are streaming out of Mexico every day and we have no facility or any kind of shelter to handle these children.

Of course, the first thing we must consider is the welfare of these unfortunate kids. Because kids are involved, compassion is running high and many people have favored keeping all the children here permanently.

To do this would defy all logic. The cost of such a decision could mean the total demise of our already stagnating economy.

No one in Washington has come up with a solution or even an idea on how to solve this critical program which is getting worse daily as more people, mostly children, continue to surge across what used to be a border between Mexico and the U.S. By the end of the year they are expecting a total of 90,000 children.

How in the name of common sense are we, a country approaching bankruptcy with a national debt of $18 trillion hanging around our neck, going to take on the gigantic task of placing these kids where they will receive proper health care, schooling and all the extras a growing child needs?

The problem from the beginning was an open border. If you have a leak in your roof, doesn’t it make sense to fix it before too much damage accrues? Apparently those pinheads in Washington never had a leaky roof.

If there ever was a time when logic should come into play, it is now.

Leon White