Just perfect


A recent article in the New York Times magazine section says that we here in Columbiana County along with six counties in Eastern Kentucky don’t have a very high quality of life.

Well I’ve been to those seaside soirees in the Hamptons rubbing elbows with those obnoxious Leona Helmsley clones where the waiters in white jackets serve the beluga caviar canapes and the lobster parfaits on silver trays to the ching ching of the glasses of Dom Perignon and I can tell you this: I’d rather do my socializing in the shack of a Kentucky coal mining family serving up a supper of ham hocks and pinto beans and a hunk of corn bread spread thick with elderberry jam, washed down with a glass of cold buttermilk. And then all gathering around to the strummin’ of an old guitar singing Hank Williams “You’re Cheatin’ Heart” the end of a perfect evening.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Lloyd Berresford