Once upon our time in America


Once upon a time there was an America, where participation ribbons were non-existent. There was once a time when “Stop Bullying” posters had no need of advertisement, because America believed that adversity built character.

Many decades ago there was an America which did not take advantage in the collection of unemployment. Instead, we obtained any job we could, no matter how acute or degrading.

Long ago, there was a time when the mothers of America raised their children with sore butts, carrying morals and values with each loving smack.

America once lived in a time when feelings were brought to the table and confronted, rather than through a virtual status. Many a year ago, there was a time when the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken with honor and pride, instead of sitting in silence.

We have drifted away from those times, and the outcome has turned America, sensitive.

We now get offended when a father or mother disciplines a child. There is no longer competition within our schools. Apparently in life everyone is a winner. Communication through verbiage in the younger generations has become extinct.

Americans are feeling sorry for themselves when jobs are lost. We now give up, collect unemployment and hope the economy will take a turn for the better.

We discuss the latest episode of Desperate Housewives rather than the latest book or newspaper article.

We now become offended by another point of view that is not compatible with ours. This disease of sensitivity has become contagious, and we are all at fault for the spread of it.

America must retreat from this path of sensitivity, for the rest of the world is watching and waiting, for the moment to take advantage.

Tyler Freeland