No disclosure


Twice now we have prepared signs stating there are human remains from the 9/11 disaster buried in the TWL (Trivita) dump above Negley. Both times these signs have been spray-painted with black paint by someone or some organization.

This behavior certainly indicates that there are human remains in that dump. If not, why hide it?

In our program to show that this dump was ill-conceived and potentially harmful to the residents of Negley and East Palestine, we have been stone-walled by the lawyers representing TWL about releasing the records as to where the dump debris came from. Why would they do this if the debris didn’t come from 9/11?

As is the case, all the homes and businesses in Negley have their own wells. How long will it take before their water is contaminated with human remains? Five years? Ten years? Longer? Shorter?

Full disclosure as to exactly where this waste comes from and exactly what it is comprised of needs to be given.

John Herbert

East Palestine