High and dry


This is an appeal to the people who live at or frequent Guilford Lake boating and swimming facilities.

We have a pontoon boat at the state docks near the public beach and for the third time this summer we have had a theft off our boat.

This time an entire full gas tank with hoses was taken. This would have been quite heavy and would have taken some effort.

We have reported this to the state park ranger, the sheriff’s office and highway patrol. There is just one park ranger per shift who must cover three different parks – Guilford, Beaver Creek and Milton.

My husband and I are retired and on a limited income, we pay to dock our boat at this facility, but are receiving no service of someone watching out for our boat.

I know there are low-lifes who would rather steal from others, but, please, if you see someone around the boats after hours walking away with others property, call the sheriff’s office. My husband has a heart condition, this is not helping him and makes us both wonder about why bothering to have some pleasure without others stealing it. Why are we paying the state a yearly fee if they can’t protect us? Next time it will be something of value of yours these bums take.

Judy White