It is beyond belief that such a small thing as a wounded warrior horse path across public lands to Beaver Creek horse park could cause such a stir.

Township Trustee Jim Hall admitted it was a mistake by former trustees to allow David McCoy to build his driveway on public property. This resulted in the McCoys thinking they owned exclusive rights to the property and call it trespassing when the public uses it. The local resistance of David McCoy and his friends has taken on the appearance of our soldiers being spit on after Vietnam. A simple solution to this dilemma would be to allow our wounded warriors to use the original North Fork of Moore Road to Ware Road for their horse trail. This right of way doesn’t come close to the McCoy driveway.

Please contact the St. Clair Township trustees to encourage them to support our Wounded Warrior programs.

May God bless our Wounded Warriors and their families who gave and are still giving a lot and their fallen comrades who gave it all for us.

Charles Bramel

East Liverpool