Grove neglect


What a disgrace the city side of Spring Grove Cemetery was once again this year for Memorial Day. I’ve learned from the past to take the weed-eater when taking flowers to my great-grandparents’ graves. This year was no exception.

On Friday before Memorial Day the grass was over ankle high.

Something looked wrong with the urn that has been on the grave since the late 1930s. As I picked it up to level it as I do every year I saw what was wrong – the base was missing. My husband said he saw some bases in the bigger older urn several plots down. Sure enough it was the broken base to my great-grandparents’ urn.

This is the kind of care and respect our relatives buried in the city half of Spring Grove receive. I realize that this is taken care of by volunteers, but why bother doing anything if they have to destroy what is there. I saw several other headstones that looked like they have been knocked around, too.

The sign at the entrance says to call the safety service director if you have any questions or problems. I called and left a message on his machine. I figured if I would hear back it wouldn’t be until Tuesday. Here it is Friday and still no phone call.

This is how interested the city is in honoring and respecting our loved ones. Why did they even bother taking it over when they don’t do anything to take care of it?

Cathy Barnhart

East Liverpool