Worst of times, best of times


This past year has been one of the worst in my life as far as weather and it was probably the best year in my life that I didn’t have to help pay for a new school or to replace nor add a new school levy.

I have read several letters that have complained about my letters. One complaining I was using misinformation or partial information. I have all my facts down in black and white. He said he has lived here 18 years, where as I have lived her all my life. So, what is his point?

Two other letters were from a husband and wife, each independently. His on financial information from the board and hers in part of being “fed up” with board members. As I recall two board members have been replaced and as the selections of capable candidates increase, more replacements will be forthcoming.

I try and tell it like it is, and have had several people thank me and say to keep up the good work. They will be looking for more of my letters.

Another thing: Rumor around town is the thought of propane or natural gas buses. These types of buses cannot be kept in an average garage, there are specifications to meet.

Remember the 3-mill levy is on ballot the first full week of May. Best sure and don’t forget to vote.

Bill Gray