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What is the reason for zoning? My understanding is that zoning was created to enhance and protect our village’s physical appearance, protect its scenic and natural beauty, and most importantly, create an attractive economic and business climate.

Large corporations such as McDonald’s hire consulting firms to create their image to attract business. A village’s way of doing that is through zoning laws, created by interested concerned citizens.

After a huge sign fiasco, ex-Mayor Michael Lewis requested anyone interested in revamping Lisbon’s zoning laws to help update zoning. I volunteered, as did other interested community members, and over the period of a year presented an updated zoning packet which council tweaked and approved, then had codified with the State of Ohio.

Among other things, signage regulations were established. We believed our guidelines were in the best interest of the village. It was determined that flat against the building signs instead of protruding signage would give the village a safe and uniform look. The signs could be externally lit, not internally, and a permit for any signage would be required so people wouldn’t waste their money on incorrect signage.

If we are to survive as a village, people must be willing to obey the laws created to promote our village’s economic growth and survival. Shame on those who chose to do whatever they want.

Stevie Halverstadt