Between the upcoming water rate increase, the never-ending electric rate discussion and the way it seems the city council would rather spend their time lambasting the new mayor, (read: Mayor’s methods called into question 4/5/14 by Katie Schwendeman from the Morning Journal) one can’t help but wonder what is going on there?

For anyone who wasn’t there a few weeks ago, the mayor was actually called out for wanting to get voicemail. A member of council didn’t think such a thing was needed. That alone speaks volumes.

Anyone who lives in the city really needs to get to these meetings. On April 22 they are holding a meeting that was set up specifically for a third party company to tell you that the rates being charged are justified for the electric, why?

If there was no problem, why the meeting? I do not need a lesson in city economics. The bigger question is what is the real benefit served by the current way we get utilities? Anyone who has questions, and I know you are out there, come to the meetings. I ask that you fill the building up on the April 22.

The way we get power is not cheaper than any other method. What’s the point of this method if it is nothing but a revenue stream?

The last time I checked the city of Columbiana is not a for-profit enterprise. If by chance every effort is made to break even when it comes to the rate we are charged, and there is no surplus at any time generated by this system, than I would be happy to be told that I am incorrect.

I know that council and the manger work hard to do a good job, but from the citizen’s viewpoint, the energy focused on things like not needing voicemail and adapting Roberts Rules of Order seems like people are more bothered by the new mayor not “towing the line” than getting things done for the benefit of all in the city.

Tony Dolan