Kudo, just one


Kudo, Mr. Drotleff, for your partial response to my letter of March 2014.

Your financial reporting is commendable and no doubt supported by those supplying you with the noted information. Mine as well came from informants of the school.

The bus situation was as I stated, “talk.” Just wanted people to know what was out there.

As for the teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and others not receiving raises: My information has come straight from the source. In fact there are those whom have voiced a “thank you” for letting the people know. Since their doing so would cost them their positions in the school.

There was, however, no mention of how the financial expense of supplying the superintendent and secretary with cushy air-conditioned offices is benefiting the student body. Yes, improvements have been implemented toward the students, but just how much has been wasted, as in these unnecessary offices.

Why do school districts think they have the right to impose levies and/or taxes on their communities while they sit on the money they have stored in savings accounts?

Thank heavens, Mr. Drotleff, you did not ramble on about a TV sitcom that has no meaning or reference to the situation before us.

As to a response on another letter: The lunch policy was not mentioned as a PI project but as a waste of money, throwing food away. Evidently it needs to be explained this way for some people to understand.

Give thought to this as you decide on how to vote on the United School levy: The increased number of students who are turning to cyber schools in place of public schools. Some do so because of increased cases of bullying that schools can’t or won’t handle, saying it is reported infrequently. Once is too much. Others just do not want to go to school and prefer the computer as a source for education.

In five to six years will there be a need for schools? Will teachers be teaching in front of cameras instead of students? Who can say?

Karen Griffith