For the levy


Having been residents of Hanover Township, Columbiana County, for many years, my husband Tony and I have always supported and worked for many projects or improvement that would benefit the community and residents of our area. Tony is gone now but I will continue to work for and support projects that would affect us and all the residents of our community.

One such project is the United Local renewal levy which will be on the May ballot. United is an excellent school and busy preparing our youth for their place in the world. This levy will be used entirely for the upkeep of the building itself, not for teachers salaries or benefits, or anything that does not last more than five years. Items needing attention include window replacement, new buses, outside LED security lighting, new fire alarm system, boiler replacement, technology upgrades, and text books.

If anyone has any questions or concerns they only need to go to the school and get the correct information and satisfy in their own minds how the money will be spent.

This renewal levy will not increase property taxes as certified by the county auditor.

We are fortunate in this rural area to have such a quality school system and I will continue to give them my support.

Margaret “Peggy” Leone

Guilford Lake