Be a friend


Lisbon’s Lepper Public Library is in desperate need of a “Friends of the Library” group of concerned citizens. Please don’t let a few self-serving individuals keep you from becoming involved in the operations of your public library, as they did when a previous group of good people tried to form a “Friends” committee.

Yes, the director has been known to object to “interference” from locals, but an active, vibrant library needs the input of citizens who love and use their library and are willing to give of their time and talents.

A free country must have free access to all forms of information. Your public library is your access to this vital and free information. The library is paid for with our tax dollars and must be run for the good of the entire community in an open, accessible and unbiased way.

Library board meetings are open to all citizens and each of us has a right and an obligation to ask questions and insist that the Lepper Library provide the types of outreach, access and programs that other libraries in Columbiana County provide.

I may no longer be your children’s librarian, but I truly care about the future of the Lepper Public Library, and especially about the future of your children.

Sharon Parrish