Waste not


In 2012 and 2013 the people in United Local School District got fed up with United’s school board trying to get bond issues passed for a new school over $13 million plus a 3-mill levy that brought in $7 million. This was rejected by the taxpayers twice, overwhelmingly the second time.

In 2013, we voted in two new board members. I’m sorry to say it didn’t get any better, maybe worse. They are placing the 3-mill levy again back on the levy in May. How many times does the taxpayer have to say no, that either we can’t afford or believe it is not needed?

Another thing that bothers us is what “lead team” reported: “Kindergarteners not able to have lunch due to no money on their accounts. They do receive an alternate lunch but it is after they have gone through the line and filled the tray which then is taken from them.”

The alternate lunch is what, a peanut butter sandwich or something? The school can’t keep the food on the tray. Why don’t they let them eat it? The school wants more money while throwing money in the trash. Does this make sense to you as it doesn’t me? Couldn’t we flag those kids in the classroom before filling their trays and having to waste the food?

Bill Gray