People are people


OK, Texas federal judge strikes down Texas’ ban on same sex marriage and Arizona governor vetoes bill that would allow state businesses to discriminate against gays for religious reasons. That’s great, but when will people realize discrimination is discrimination?

It took how many years for blacks to get same rights as whites? How many years for women to get the right to vote? Women still have to fight to get the same pay for the same job as men. Before anyone gets on their soapbox about qualifications, if two candidates (or more) go for the same job, the most qualified should get it; man women, space alien, etc.

Since when did discrimination against gays become OK? Did we learn nothing from the past? If discriminating based on skin color or gender is wrong, why is it OK to do it for sexual orientation? Since when did that become part of the criteria for how to treat someone?

Why does this country insist on labeling people? Why does it make national news when a celebrity “comes out”? Who cares? It’s their business, not ours. You don’t see headlines reading “Joe superstar is straight” but you sure do see them when it’s “Joe superstar “admits” to being gay”. Why does that sound like they have something to feel guilty about? Like they “admitted” to a crime?

Come on folks, people are people and I thought this country was founded on freedom. I am as straight as they come but I am so tired of people who are gay being treated as second-class citizens. Wake up America. No one should have to hide their sexual preference anymore than they should have to hide their gender. Guess what? Homosexuality is not contagious. It’s not a disease, or affliction. It’s not a choice as some would have us believe. It is as out of our control as the color of our eyes. I have an idea. Let’s start treating people as people regardless of race, color, age, religion, height, sexual preference. That is the way it is supposed to be.

The Arizona governor should not have had to veto this bill because it should never have existed in the first place. If this bill had been presented with the word “women” in place of “gays” it would have caused a civil war. This has got to stop.

E.J. Huffman