On life support


Our democracy is in hopeless gridlock. The house passes legislation to guide us to energy independence, improve our economy, and protect our border and Harry Reid stonewalls it in the Senate. Unfavorable presidential choices for important positions are made during Senate recesses. There’s little use challenging President Obama’s executive orders because the liberal courts which he has packed will rule in his favor.

There’s no longer a super majority required in the Senate to confirm appointments because Harry Reid did away with the 200-year tradition of filibuster and now only a simple majority is required for confirmation.

Meanwhile unemployment is endemic, our military has been gutted, burdensome regulations are killing the coal industry, food stamp recipients are at an all-time high and our health care system is in shambles.

Michelle Obama has just taken her daughters and a staff of 70 for a visit to China at a cost of millions of dollars to the taxpayers. There have been vacations in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, South Africa, Aspen and Yellowstone, hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet we are $16 trillion in debt. Rome is burning and the Obamas are playing the fiddle.

We have two and a half years years left with this dynasty. The question is this: Can we last that long? Will we survive?

Lloyd Berresford