Giving in


They have done it again. Despite the continuous warnings from the economists and people who were willing to apply common sense, they have raised the debt ceiling.

I have come to the conclusion too many people in Washington lack the backbone and will to face up to the real problem facing this country. Washington has allowed the government to become bloated with projects the country cannot pay for and because of this we are faced with a debt of over $17 trillion. This is the work of many administrations.

We can go back more than 30 years to the Carter administration, the year 1980, which shows no measurable increase in the national debt. Then beginning with Reagan every president has been guilty of increasing the debt. The one exception, Clinton, showed a budget surplus between the years 1998 and 2001. One can see there is plenty of blame to go around.

I don’t believe people are totally aware of how critical this problem is. Anyone who keeps a checking account knows you don’t spend money you don’t have. I believe most of those representing us in Congress are aware of the danger that lies before us. Could it be those people we have elected to manage our government are afraid to face the public with the truth? The truth will set us free, but it will also set us straight so that we can demand positive action from Congress and president who apparently have lost touch with reality.

We have a sick economy with an enormous national debt approaching $18 trillion. The only cure is major cuts in overall spending. Our government has become bloated with dozens of projects. Most of these projects play no part in the function of running the government. They only place an unnecessary drain on the treasury.

We may not be able to make all the necessary cuts in spending without affecting some individuals. Some trimming of domestic programs might be necessary. It’s better to give a little now than lose everything later.

Leon White