A critique


Once again United Local School District is going after your money. On May 5 a permanent improvement levy is going on the ballot. Seriously, take an honest look at those operating your school and how they distribute your money before you consider giving them more money to do with as they want.

Fall of 2013, no raises were given to teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and other workers. New bus drivers get no insurance. Yet the administration and board members all received a raise, plus health insurance was offered. Why was health insurance offered to school board members? If they are working people they have company insurance or Obamacare. If they are retired they should have planned their insurance as their retirement.

All employees are required to do drug testing, as do most schools. But there is talk of having employees do a blood test. For what? So if something would show up they can refuse them health insurance or even fire them? It is none of the administration’s or school board’s business. Let alone it’s an invasion of privacy. What nincompoop came up with this? Just leave people alone.

How about kids who can’t pay for lunches are allowed to acquire a meal and then have it taken, just to receive a peanut butter sandwich instead. The food is then thrown out. Make sense to you? Not me. What about the psychological impact it can instill on these children? The embarrassment and hurt placed on them because of no money, no fault of theirs. How many do not eat at all, just to save face?

Why not prepare an allowance in the school budget for all meals to be paid for K-8. If allocation can be provided for athletic transportation to and from games, why not feed the students K-8 free?

In 2011, the superintendent, board members and treasurer spent approximately $3,200 for a weekend lodging and meals in Columbus. It’s only a three-hour drive from Columbus to Hanoverton. How much do you suppose has been spent in the past three years for meals and stayovers. Enough to pay for you children’s lunches?

Talk is United needs 16-18 new buses. Nothing wrong with replacing buses, but why wait until you need that many at once. Why not four or five at different stages? Poor management?

Two classrooms taken and turned into offices for Viscounte and secretary at a cost of over $500,000. How do they benefit the students? Why not make improvements and upgrades to benefit the student body, not the administrative body?

Karen Griffith