Very unhealthy


Cal Thomas has written an interesting article on the problems the people in the U.K. are having with their National Health Service (NHS). To quote Mr. Thomas, “Their health care is in critical shape and has been since the beginning. Because of the lack of funds doctors are being underpaid and the results are many have left their practice. The U.K. now has fewer doctors per person than any country in Europe.”

This is only one of the many problems facing the British people. It takes weeks, sometimes months to get to see a doctor. The government makes the decision who and when one will get to see a doctor. The people in government also decide if an operation is practical.

I have read certain conditions are required before some operations are approved. Age and other conditions such as general health are considered before the procedure is approved.

What is going on in England is the rationing of overall health care. I don’t believe that rationing was even considered a possibility when the NHS was introduced, but government mismanagement and lack of money caused them to cut the quality of care and consequently, the complete failure of the NHS.

We here in the U.S. would be completely naive not to believe that Obamacare will also be a monstrous failure, a system that has over and over again produced proof it contains flaws of a nature that makes the system unworkable.

Yours and my health care should be of a private nature and no business of the government. We must not be of the opinion that what is happening in the U.K. will not happen here.

We are a people who possess more individual freedom than any country in the world. To be told and forced we must have insurance by our government is a direct attack on our personal freedom and we must not stand for it.

However, this monstrous system must be fixed before it collapses on itself and cripples our already weak economy.

Leon White