Prized fighter


I’m pretty impressed with Democratic candidate Nathan Walker’s announcement article. It is about time the Democratic Party has a candidate who is willing to slug it out in an election.

Good government is a result of competition. It has been a long time since the Democrats have fielded a candidate who is willing to fight for what he or she believes. Walker isn’t afraid to contrast himself from Mike Halleck.

It really amazes me the lack of political competition in Columbiana County, and it is just getting worse. Look at how many officeholders never get challenged at election time. Is this the way democracy is supposed to work? Is the culture of no partisan political competition working out in Mahoning County?

The Democrats should be thankful for this kind of candidate. Maybe he can remind the Democrats of the party they once were. The Democrats are supposed to challenge the status quo. They are supposed to be fighters.

It looks like Nathan Walker is a Democrat ready to compete with the opposition. Let’s see if the Democrats are up to the challenge. Are they ready to face Halleck and the county Republicans by supporting a guy who wants to wage a real race and put up a real fight?

Angel Colon