Life on a chain is no life at all


Every animal lover notices them: The dog or cat you see each day painfully skinny and eating trash. Your neighbor’s pup who is kept outside and barking 24 hours a day. A friend or family member’s dog who is constantly chained with very little food, water or shelter. That cat with no food, shelter and no proper care.

Some dogs and cats spend their entire lives alone. They need the help of concerned, compassionate people like you.

“Paws R riding on it,” aka Furpaws, will be at the courthouse on Saltwell Road in Lisbon at 1 p.m. Feb. 24 for a peaceful stand for their rights.

The big laws are done at the state level, but there are a couple things that we can demand in our county:

(1) Maximum sentence for animal neglect and abuse zero tolerance.

(2) A dog chained 24/7 is not a life, it’s a life sentence and should be considered strongly as abuse and neglect.

Are you tired of seeing humans abuse and neglect their animals? Help us be their voice. Be there, please.

Glenn Taylor