Buck the trend


Not many people want to hold public office. Those wanting to run for office should be encouraged, not blocked from ballot access. What kind of message are we sending to our youth by making it difficult to become a candidate for public service?

Martin “Buck” Elsass has been denied ballot access by the Columbiana County Board of Elections over a mere technicality. All of those voters who signed Martin’s petitions are now disenfranchised.

In 2012, 68 percent of registered voters in Columbiana County were independents, 18 percent were Republicans and 14 percent were Democrats. These numbers show that voters in our county have awakened to the shenanigans of both major political parties and are looking elsewhere for solutions to saving our republic.

When I ran for state legislature in West Virginia, a candidate gained ballot access by simply paying a registration fee. No petitions were required. It is time that an open democratic election process be instituted here in Ohio.

Loretta Price