They got theirs


A moment of your time to review the recent decision by the Perry Township trustees to renew health care and life benefits without so much as a formal announcement in advance of this critical decision.

I believe this moment should have been announced in advance for any public input, but was not, for an obvious good reason. This action on the trustees’ part is like a poke in the eye to your electorate.

Telling Mickey Weaver you have raised the “deductible” and that is good enough to warrant the continuance. That is five pounds of baloney in a one-pound container. I ask, what has raising the deductible got to do with the benefit payments the township makes on your behalf, you all still get the coverage payment made by the taxpayers of the township on your behalf, no matter how high the deductibles.

At best you are all part-time workers drawing the benefits of full-time employees. One day, soon perhaps, the taxpayers of the Perry Township will become enlightened just how little you do to earn these costly prerequisites.

It is a rare newscast on a national level these days that does not spend time addressing the issues regarding health care and the issues of more of the cost being transferred to the employee. Where do the Perry trustees fit into this equation? Are you exempt from this logical thinking? Are the Perry Township pockets bottomless therefore ripe for the picking? Perhaps we’ll see a future request for a tax increase, got to cover these expenditures, right?

If the Perry trustees’ concerns are in the right place they should be thinking first of their constituents.

Are you all of the same mindset that these monies are best spent to the benefit of the entire township, that way all the taxpayers would see the fruits of their tax dollars at work.

John F. Reid