Personal foul


My boyfriend and I went to dinner at a local restaurant that we frequent. It was Jan. 3, the Friday of the Ohio State football game and the establishment was quite busy.

We listened to the commercials and the pregame announcers while waiting for our dinners to arrive. The volume on the TVs was louder than usual that night and we were becoming slightly annoyed.

The game was about to begin and the American flag was being pulled across the field, the volume still loud, however, when the national anthem began the volume was shut off and a pop song was played for the entire duration of our country’s anthem. When the following commercial began the volume on the TVs was resumed.

As Americans we have pride in our country. We were shocked that a local American business that is supported by people like us would dishonor our country, our veterans and all who are serving this great country in such a way.

Is the lack of pride for our country so great?

Rebecca Ryan