Odds are


Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey seems to be bogged down with this bridge scandal. He claims he knew nothing about the closing of the George Washington Bridge for a traffic survey. The partial closing of some lanes created massive traffic jams as well as congestion in the town of a Democratic mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s re-election bid. Was Christie vindictive toward this mayor and did he personally seek retribution?

The Democrats in the New Jersey legislature are convening hearings and of course the U.S. Justice Department is on the case like a dog on a bone. The liberal news organizations are flashing the screens daily with this repulsive injustice. “Christie is a bully. It’s an abuse of power. Malfeasance in office. Deceit. Lies and damned lies.” Yes, the big guy is really taking a beating.

I hope for Gov. Christie’s sake that we learn he really was the culprit behind this bridge closing and that he’s been lying about it all along. I also hope that when he has to give sworn testimony about this affair that he will lie about it and be indicted for perjury. This will greatly enhance his chances for the presidency.

No matter what happens to Christie, the Republicans will vote for him if he runs for president. Now the trick is to maneuver some of the Democratic voters into the fold.

Hillary Clinton has a lot going for her in the deceit department. She has the Whitewater scandal, the Resolution Trust Corporation scandal, the White House Travel Office scandal, the New York Senate race scandal, and the latest, Benghazi.

She has a head start on Christie in the lying department. Now if Christie could add a few more lies and instances of executive abuse of power to his portfolio between now and the 2016 presidential election, it would enhance his standing with a lot of Democrats who just might support Hillary.

He could as Hamlet once said, “Out Herod, Herod.” Hope spring eternal in the human breast. Let’s hope Chris can pull it off.

Lloyd Berresford