It won’t


How Obamacare is going to help me.

When I lost my husband several years ago I also lost my health insurance. Because I was a rider on his policy through work they would no longer carry me. I tried every company and plan I could find to no avail. So for the last few years I’ve been paying as I go for office visits, prescriptions, etc., cutting back to just the bare essentials that I need to be healthy.

When I heard about Obamacare I thought this was great. No one could turn me down, affordable, peace of mind.

The first of October I called the toll free number and talked to a representative. Gave him all my information and he said he’d send me the info I needed to look over the plans and make a decision that would work for me.

By mid November I still didn’t have the plans so I called back. They were so sorry, took my info again, and promised to send it out. Keep in mind that during these conversations I repeated my address several times, slowly, and they read it back to me.

By the end of December I still had received nothing so I called again. This time I was told that they had my address wrong, but instead of sending out the plans for me to look over maybe I better do an application over the phone because time was running out.

I did that and she started reading the various (dozens) of different companies and their various plans. I ended up choosing the least expensive (semi-affordable) for me. It has a $6,800 yearly deductible that I have to pay first before it kicks in. So when I do the math, I’m still paying out exactly what I was before I had insurance plus extra – my monthly premium. Unless I get hurt or seriously ill, I’ll never use the insurance in a year’s time. But I will be paying about one-fourth of my wages from my part-time, minimum wage job.

I am not a stupid person, but will someone please explain this to me. To paraphrase my previous statement: “How is Obamacare going to help me?”

Vicki McBride