Boiling point


The days, weeks, months and years are slipping by and nothing positive is coming out of Washington. We have a $17 trillion debt towering over us like a sizzling volcano building up pressure, threatening to erupt and scatter our fragile economy to the four winds.

I know this is old stuff I keep bringing up and maybe I should apologize for blowing the same old smoke. However, at the tender age of 94 and a veteran of Word War II, I believe I have earned the right to spout off occasionally.

My motive is quite simple, I have a deep love for my country and I am fearful too many of us, particularly young people, are in a serious state of complacency. Many have no idea what is going on in Washington and the country and seem to care less. If we ever wish the country to become strong and respected again we must stamp out the liberal socialist state we are fast becoming and bring back a strong democratic capitalistic system based on conservative values and individual freedoms.

There is a power struggle going on in Washington and the wrong side is winning. We as a country with a heritage of personal freedoms have stood by and allowed the power of governing to slip from our hands into the control of a few who have ignored the will of the people and would replace our present system of self governing with a European style of socialism.

For the last five years the president and his bunch of progressive pinheads have been creating and enforcing dozens of laws and regulations without the vote of Congress and the counsel of the Supreme Court. Obama has often indicated his contempt for the highest court in the land. Why is this man still in office?

One has to wonder how this man who appeared out of nowhere five years ago with no experience in governing, was able to talk his way into the highest position this country has to offer?

Leon White