The good guys


Oftentimes the rivalries between the schools in our area go beyond the playing field, extending to coaches, parents, and even school faculty. But recently, Rick Istnick and Cindy Dunn displayed generosity that transcended school boundaries, and I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly commend them.

As one of the athletic directors at Crestview, it was my pleasure to help coordinate the practice schedule for our team as they prepared for their playoff games. The teams we faced were tough, but our athletes were able to hold their own, advancing to the Regional Finals and that is in part due to Rick and Cindy.

As Crestview does not have a turf field or access to one such facility, I reached out to East Palestine to inquire about the use of their turf field. Despite the rivalry between Crestview and EP, and the fact that Crestview was able to make it further into the postseason than East Palestine, these two administrators didn’t hesitate to allow the Crestview team to utilize their facility.

This kindness allowed Crestview some much-needed turf time, and reminded me of the importance of sportsmanship. While head-to-head in a game, the other team is always pegged as the “bad guys,” but these “bad guys” turned out to be good guys.

It’s crucial that we remember that the teams we’re playing against are made up of people, not just faceless opponents. It’s people like Rick Istnick and Cindy Dunn who make the world of high school sports better, and their example ought to be followed more regularly.

Karen Sapp