What in the name of common sense is happening to this country?

When a child at the tender age of 6 brings a miniature gun the size of a quarter to school and another child cuts the image of a handgun from a paper, what kind of hysterical behavior on the part of the schools are we dealing with when these kids are expelled from their classes as though they had committed a grievous offense?

Going back to my school days, had a teacher stood in front of the class and attempted to disavow the use of guns he would have been greeted with loud boos.

This policy of zero tolerance involving firearms that is taking place in many of our grade schools is the handiwork of the far left and other groups which I cannot put my finger on. It appears there is an ongoing attempt to erase an entire culture from our society. A culture that has played a major role in the creation and sustaining of this country.

What better place to begin then with those young minds who are too young to evaluate and decide for themselves. Our kids are being brainwashed by many of our schools and teachers whose apparent goal is to abolish our current system of values and government and replace it with a government that will be in control all aspects of our lives.

Are we people who have known the sweet taste of personal freedom for so long willing to give it all up for the fake promises of a non-existing utopia?

We had better wake up and become aware of what is going on around us because this is just another step toward a socialist government and to quote our president, “The Fundamental Transformation of our current system of government.

Leon White