Seeking support


The Center Township trustees are asking the voters to consider a 1.25-mill levy for the purpose of purchasing a fire pumper truck. Because Center and Elkrun townships share their equipment, each township will pay $307,000. However, each township pays for their own expenses such as fuel, wages, etc. Elkrun passed its levy almost three years ago, and now Center Township is asking that its voters do the same.

Some voters are under the impression that the Lisbon Fire Department owns all of the equipment that is being used in Center Township. This is simply untrue. As a matter of fact, the current fire hall is owned by Center and Elkrun townships along with the village of Lisbon. All three share the fire hall. All repairs on the building are divided equally among the three therefore; each owns approximately 33 percent of the building. This came into being back in the 1980s when Center Township Trustee Tom Hinchcliff, was able to bring the two townships and the village together. It was and has continued to be very successful.

Please consider voting for this very important levy. The trustees of Center Township, have agreed to run the levy for five years. This is the length of time it will take to pay for the truck at $61,400 per year equaling $307,000. At the end of the fifth year, the levy will be dropped.

In addition to this levy is a .2-mill renewal levy that is up for voter approval. This levy generates $8,200 per year. These monies help pay for fuel for the equipment and help meet expenses only for Center Township (wages, equipment, repair, and OPERS pensions).

We operate this fire department on $26,826 per year. We have two fire levies. The .2-mill we are asking you to renew plus a .5-mill levy already in existence that brings in $18,626 per year.

We also pay Hanover Township’s fire department $1,500 a year for fire protection for the residents at the farthest points of the western part of Center Township for quick response time. I feel that is very important for the residents of these outlying areas.

The 1.25-mill for the fire truck will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $43.75 per year for five years. The .2-mill renewal levy will add no new taxes. This levy generates $5.02 on a $100,000 home.

Please take these facts into consideration and please support Center Township’s fire department.

Kenneth Schreffler

Center Township Trustee