He remembers


I am one American fed up with the politicians who once they get to Washington forget the voters who put them there and I am one who is going to remember them on Election Day. We have to remember that some of them may not be up for re-election for several years.

Because of this budget battle we the people, are losing benefits, money in 401k and in many other government programs. Not to mention the people out of work. I think if they pass something, let it be a law that bans items being attached to the budget. Too many things are attached to bills because they know that otherwise they will not be passed and usually for good reason.

I personally will not vote for any politician who says they will only vote on party lines. Once they get into office they should vote for what is good for the country and its citizens. If they do what is right for the people they will not have to worry about getting re-elected. It is time for changes and only we can make it happen.

I gave up two years of my life to serve this country and was proud to do so, but I would like to think it was to make this country a better place to live and not a place to fear what our own politicians are going to do. I am proud to be an American.

Tom Kirkbride