Down the road


Obama is doing the same as two former dictators of the last century: everything possible to destroy our nation. Democrats have short memories and do not care.

He refuses to admit he has not done one thing right since his first election in 2008. He $100 million trip to Europe and Africa accomplished nothing, telephone calls would have made more sense.

Cutting our military power while our enemies increase theirs is dangerous but he is too stupid to understand. Making friends with Putin and the leaders of nations with one goal in mind – the destruction of the United States – is a noble goal in his twisted mind.

For more than 2,000 years other nations have risen to greatness but fell from decay within. The United States is now well on the same path.

Obama has created more debt than all previous presidents combined. His Obamacare cannot be justified. He now claims he wants the American people to approve his past mistakes.

This can never be.

Elmon Smith