Doing his bidding


On Oct. 7, I sent a certified letter to Kathy Davies, United Local treasurer, requesting the following information.

The company names of those bidding on the new offices and air conditioning unit for Superintendent Viscounte, the secretary and yourself. In addition, I would like the price each company has bid for the job, the company the United School Board has hired, the final cost and finish date.

This is the reply I received on Oct. 11 from Superintendent Viscounte of United.

You have requested public records regarding the following:

1) Company names of those bidding on administrative offices and air conditioning. Included in the administrative offices are superintendent, treasurer, assistant treasurer, payroll assistant, EMIS secretary and administrative secretary.

2) Each company bid for the job.

3) Name of the company the United Board hired.

4) When the project will be finished.

5) If the bid is the final cost.

It is assumed that you have requested public records to the renovations of administrative offices. (These were actually fifth or sixth grade school rooms.) Enclosed is a copy of the Chevron Contract. Chevron was contracted to be the general contractor on the project. As a result, Chevron has hired all the subcontractors for the project. The district has not been provided information regarding the subcontractors. Therefore, the district does not have any records responsive to your request, except for the encolosed contract with Chevron. As for the project completion date, Nov. 29, 2013

This is what Viscounte said, but there was more than one bidder and much cheaper. Chevrons bid was $504,127.

Bill Gray