Money walks


Our president is again out on the stump trying to enlighten his adoring public on the art of economics. He has been preaching the same old remedy for the last five years and apparently has not learned from experience, because this country is becoming more in debt by the minute.

Our president will not accept the blaring fact that no country or business can survive if they continue to spend more money than is coming in. He never talks about the $17 trillion national debt hanging around our necks like a dead albatross. He speaks only of spending money. Money we don’t have. He wants to begin a massive program of building and refurbishing roads and bridges. Where’s the money? He wants to increase the entitlements. Where’s the money? He wants to go ahead with Obamacare at a cost well over what he promised. Where’s the money? Then we have the dozen of projects he is advocating. Where’s the money?

When he is proposing all these expenditures he never tells us where the money is coming from.

He is continuously harping about increasing the taxes on the rich, the upper 1 percent, but ignores the fact, without the investments of the rich, jobs for the middle class would not exist. Instead of making drastic cuts across the board of all nonessential items, he falls back to his old tricks of borrowing and printing money. A temporary fix which only increases the devaluation of the dollar and moves us ever closer to a total collapse of our economy.

There seems to be a lack of urgency in Washington, starting with the president and the entire Congress. No one wants to tackle this problem head on. Aren’t they aware of the conditions in Greece and Spain? People in the streets rioting because their government cannot deliver the benefits they were promised. Does anyone believe this could not happen here?

I wonder if I will be around long enough to hear something positive coming from Obama and his administration? Should that happen I would be delighted to give them due credit.

Leon White