For the people


“Of the People, By the People, For the People,”

No matter how long you live in this country, those words written so long ago keep resonating in our memory. At least for most Americans they do, but it seems some of us don’t have that good of a memory … namely our politicians.

Now I don’t really possess any real animosity for our politicians, I just wish their memories were a little better.

Before I go any further I want to say that I am in my early 60s, college educated, lived a normal life just as the average American citizen. I also understand about isolationism and am fully aware that I live in a country that is more than capable of giving a helping hand to others and have over the many years. Food, medical, technology and I think to many times military assistance.

The question I have about the latter is what did we gain from that. My next question is, “When is enough, enough?

Somewhere our politicians have forgotten “For the People” meant us. I think it’s about time to first take care of the American people, then the needs of others. I don’t think I would get much argument about that.

We’re not asking for hand-outs as the politicians do, they call it “Vote.” Speaking of that, just using simple math our past presidential election cost hundreds of millions of dollars and using 300 million as our country’s population, they could have given every registered American citizen a million dollars. Then the politicians would finally be doing something “For the People.” Imagine that.

Chip Schell