Bologna, with mustard


Congratulations to Michael Brown on his great letter to the editor in the Morning Journal describing our entitlement society. He hit the nail right on the head.

John DeFazio in a rebuttal letter challenged what Brown wrote about the Obama phones. He said you have to go through a process to get the phones and these free phones serve such useful purposes and that they don’t cost the taxpayers anything and it’s not a government program. Baloney.

In every major city of America these phones are hawked on the streets by hucksters who get commissions for signing people up. They are asked no questions whatsoever. Some people get three or four phones. They trade the phones for drugs and sex.

The companies distributing these phones are franchised and licensed by our government. One man who owns one these companies and who was a big contributor to Obama’s campaign has made over $50 million in profits. This whole Obama phone business is a shame and a scam.

Mr. DeFazio says the phone company has the option of paying the phone bill for this program or passing it on to the consumers. Well my phone bill has $6.50 a month tacked on to it to pay for these deadbeats.

Since when does a utility not pass on the cost to its consumers when it has the opportunity?

Just like his liberal buddy Ted Strickland who broke this state, Mr. Defazio is living in a dream world.

Jay Sobotka