Trying, sinning


I don’t believe anyone in their right mind is going to say that what Elliot Spitzer did was all right, but frankly I don’t feel it’s anyone else’s business but his, his family’s and his maker’s. Of course prostitution is a sin but for us Christians who believe in sin are we not also to believe in forgiveness?

If a woman has a string of one-night affairs for the simple pleasure of it is she really so much better than the prostitute who does it for money? It’s still adultery either way. If people were to be arrested for having sex outside of wedlock most of our population would be in prison. I personally do not support adultery for anyone but if we are to pride ourselves in separation of church and state is it at all right to have laws based purely on religious teaching?

There are many sinful acts that are legal to commit but does that make them morally acceptable. Granted, there are many federal and state laws I do not believe are morally right but as our money is printed by the government, possessions are either made in U.S. factories or purchased from other countries there is at least some small amount of justifiability.

Our own personal bodies, however, are not in any way made by nor bought by our government, therefore there is no justice in laws that tell us what we may do with them. Should we be so willing to let our governments treat us like possessions? Our maker will judge in his time, he does not need our judgment.

Never will I say that it’s all right but please leave Elliot Spitzer alone. Like all of us, he’s trying.

Elbert Householder