After Obama caved in to Putin and canceled the missile shield project for Eastern Europe and then drastically reduced our nuclear missile stockpiles under the start agreement, Putin grants asylum to Snowden the snitch and laughs about it.

Presently Russia has oil exploratory ships in our territory in the Arctic Sea guarded by destroyers. Their ultimate intention is to tap those vast resources and make their own move toward energy independence. Our State Department gave Putin a warning about this infringement and he just as much said, “Why don’t you try and do something about it.”

Obama is no match for Putin. You have a community organizer who never did a day’s work in his life and got where he is freeloading on every government giveaway program there is matched up against a brilliant ex-KGB operative who clawed his way up from a hard-working peasant class to a university education which he paid for himself and then rose to a position of power through hard work. He’s much sharper than Obama and he plays with him as a cat would a mouse.

Jokes abound in St. Petersburg and Moscow society about Obama’s stupidity but our press is too intimidated to report these activities of the vodka drinking Russkies.

Isn’t it interesting that the IRS, the very agency in charge of enforcing Obamacare, doesn’t want any part of it and wants their own employees to keep the coverage they have? Oh, yes, Richard Trumpka of the AFofL and Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters and Nancy Pelosi’s longshoreman, they want to shun it like the plague.

In Saul Alinsky’s marxist Society which Obama and Hillary Clinton love so much we have one of its basic tenets called the dictatorship of the proletariat. By this reasoning the peons don’t have sense enough to know what’s good for them and the elite will make the judgments on their behalf.

Yes, yes, Mr. President and Michelle, those Kobe beef steaks and that Beluga caviar are detriments to my health. I’ll just keep munching my apples and eating my broccoli and be content.

Lloyd Berresford